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Why Keyword Masher?

The Ultimate Keyword Discovery Tool for AI-Writers

Revolutionary Title Prompts

Instantly transforms keyword clusters into engaging titles for standout content.

Seamless AI Integration

Instantly enhances other AI writing tools, ensuring high-quality, unique articles.

Elevate Your Content Game

Complements AI tools by adding depth and uniqueness to content.

Streamline Your Workflow

Saves time, fosters creativity, and ensures unique, engaging content.

Unleash Your Content's Full Potential:
3 Powerful Tools, One Revolutionary Platform

Keyword Masher

The Ultimate SAAS Solution for Easily Converting Keywords into AI-Enhanced Title Prompts, Topical Clusters, and Smart Lists

Generating unique and engaging content with "AI-Bulk Writing Tools" just became a breeze! Streamline the content creation process. 

Enhance the quality of your AI-generated content. Stay ahead of the competition with fresh and unique articles.

Title Prompting
Topical Authority Enhancer
RSS Feed Parser

Niche Discovery

With Niche Discovery, transform your niche ideas into profitable realities.

Unleash the power of niche marketing with an "all-in-one" app for pinpointing profitable niches and trending products. 

Dive into detailed audience insights, discover hot-selling items tailored to your niche, and optimize your content with advanced semantic SEO keyword research.

Audience Niche Discovery
Hot Selling Products for a Niche
Semantic SEO with LSI Keyword Phrases

Domain Name Generator

Unlock Your Perfect Domain: AI-Powered, Creativity Unleashed

Discover the ideal domain for your niche with "Domain Name Discovery". Simply enter your topic and our AI-driven prompt engine will suggest creative, memorable, and brandable .com domain names.

Tailored for your niche, these short and catchy domains are designed to capture attention and boost your online presence.

Enter Your Keyword
Select Your OpenAI Model and Qty
Then Click the Generate Domain Name Button for instant names

See what others are saying about us

One of the many features I love about the new keyword masher tool is the "Top 10 List." I put in one keyword, and Bam! It kicked out so many ideas that I couldn't even dream of! A few seconds it took me to put in this prompt would have taken me weeks to use other tools to find all these topics and subjects; this tool just blows me away. It has made it so easy for me to create more content on more topics than I ever thought was possible.

greg adams

Greg Adams

There are many people on my personal shortlist, but Damon absolutely is. He has a long track record of providing quality products that actually do what they say.
He has a secret weapon called "Wayne". When these two guys got together, they went to a very rare level. Wayne is an incredible developer who actually understands marketing. Damon and Wayne are trustworthy and always over-deliver. I never ask what you have just point me to the buy button!

Tim Parker

Tim Parker

Ringvo Founder/CEO

Keyword Masher is a game-changer, giving digital marketers an easy way to build both keyword clusters and Title Prompts that can actually improve the outputs from ZW and AF. What I found most useful are the niche discovery tools. Great feature for quickly learning about a topic before diving head first in making an affiliate site.

guerin green

Guerin Green

"No Rules Mastermind"
in Denver, October 5 & 6

Keyword Masher is yet another great tool from the minds of RSSMasher and AiMasher. Using keyword clusters has always resulted in much better articles for my projects. And with the ever increasing need to be able to create really good prompts, having Keyword Masher be able to do it for me saves me a lot of time. Having both in Keyword Masher is winning one-two punch combination for me. Just get it, and thank yourself later.

Don Roberts

What do you get with this
Exclusive Zimmwriter LTD?

Just to clarify, this Zimmwriter LTD offer for Keyword Masher includes these 2 Modules in AIMasher: Keyword Masher and Niche Ideas.

You will need to add your OpenAI in the integrations once you access this dashboard.

All Keyword Masher customers get a special discount to upgrade to the full-suite of AIMasher tools at any time. 

Keyword Masher License

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Imagine having access to a much wider range of products, beyond the usual suspects, for your roundups and reviews. That's where our Amazon Product Selector comes into play, a tool you didn't even know you needed until now.

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1-Click Copy/Paste - Easily select products and copy formatted links and keywords with one click and paste into Zimmwriter's Product Roundup.
100 Free Searches Every Month - Dive in and explore the potential.
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$97  $197

1-time pay

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Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to the software?

It may take a few minutes for the initial setup. Then you'll receive an email with your account activation link. Once activated, you need to add your OpenAI Key and then you are ready to start "Title Prompting". 

Just to clarify, this Zimmwriter LTD offer for Keyword Masher includes these 2 Modules in AIMasher: Keyword Masher and Niche Ideas.

You will need to add your OpenAI in the integrations once you access this dashboard.

The other feature modules are not available for purchase at this time.

However, before we launch the full suite of AiMasher tools in October, we will give all Keyword Masher customers the chance to add these other modules at a special discount.

Do you have a Money-Back Guarantee?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Test-drive our product for 7 days. If it doesn't meet your expectations within that period, drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll promptly refund your purchase. No hassles, no fuss!

Do you have any training on how to use this software?

Absolutely, we go above and beyond on training. We have videos, slides decks, and PDFs on every feature in this App. Want to see the training before you decide? Click Here

What other software will I need?

You will need to add your own OpenAI API key into the integrations. It is really easy to add the API key. Here is how it is done

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