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AIMasher: The Ultimate AI-Powered Content Creator & Enhanced Media Publisher

"Boost Your Content Marketing Game with Advanced AI Publishing.
Effortless Article Writing and Smart Syndicated Automations"

Welcome to AIMasher: Your Content Creation Suite of AI Automation Tools
for Simplified Content Writing, Curated Rewrites, and Enhanced Article Publishing

AIMasher is not just another AI writing tool; it is your daily AI publishing companion for content creation and one-click publishing

It's designed to simplify the routine tasks of content writing, editing, summarizing, media enhancing, and publishing, saving you countless hours.

AIMasher takes the reins from the initial input, automating tasks that would typically consume your day. In many cases, it can even automate your entire content workflow, turning complexity into simplicity.

The Standard Plan is an ideal blend of efficiency and innovation for those new to AI-driven content marketing. It not only offers the Keyword Masher for improved SEO title prompting in ZimmWriter and other AI wrting tools. Along with the Niche Ideas for uncovering new markets, keyword topics, and Domain Name ideas. Includes the Media Mixer for creating multimedia-rich articles for enhancing article imports. 

The real powerhouse in this plan is the Article Publisher which streamlines your workflow with bulk uploading, media enhancement tools, a built-in HTML editor, Voice-Over Generator, automated image creation, and various one-click scheduling options for publishing. 

This plan is tailored to offer a smooth, effective introduction to automated content creation, making the process more efficient and user-friendly.

The Pro Plan significantly upgrades your content strategy with cutting-edge tools, notably featuring the RSSMasher Feed Rewriter. This revolutionary tool uses AI to transform RSS Feed posts into unique, original content, redefining content syndication. 

Alongside this, the plan includes the Article Re-Inventor for revitalizing existing content. And finally, the workhorse of this plan is the Content Engine for streamlined bulk AI article creation. It’s a comprehensive suite designed to enhance content impact and simplify your marketing efforts.

This plan boosts content impact while streamlining the marketing process.

The Agency Plan is aimed at top-tier content marketing professionals and large-scale agencies and includes the full suite of tools in AIMasher. It builds on the Pro Plan's features by adding exclusive tools for the most demanding users.

The AI Sandbox offers a playground for AI exploration and innovation, while the Helpful Content Maker aligns your content with the latest recommendations from Google.

The Listicle Builder makes creating captivating lists straightforward and effective. This comprehensive suite is designed to save time and significantly enhance your content's quality and efficacy.

the power of AiMasher

Ready to transform your content creation and publishing process with the power of AIMasher?

Explore more about AIMasher and find the plan that aligns with your goals. Whether starting with the essentials or ready for the full suite of advanced features, AIMasher is here to simplify, automate, and revolutionize your content strategy. 

Take the first step towards smarter, more efficient content marketing.

Standard License Plan

  • Keyword Masher: Boost your SEO and audience engagement with powerful title prompts. Built to Enhance the Zimmwriter Bulk Writer and Penny Arcade
  • Niche Ideas: Tap into unique, profitable keyword topics and discover brandable domain names to maximize your online presence.
  • Media Mixer: Enrich your articles with an extensive library of images and videos, including options for AI-generated visuals, for a more engaging reader experience.
  • Article Publisher: Streamline your content workflow with bulk uploading capabilities, media enhancement tools, a Built-in "Enhanced AI" HTML Editor, a Voice-Over Generator, anautomated image maker, and various scheduled publishing options with 1-click ease.
  • Content Repurposer: Unleash your creativity with seven (7) additional output methods to repurpose your content for different syndication platforms, including Full HTML Txt files, DOCX, PDF, and Audio MP3s. It's a tool that lets you explore endless possibilities. 
  • Auto-Image Generation Credits: 200/mo

Pro License Plan

Everything in the Standard Plan plus:

  • Article Re-Inventor: Create custom rewriting templates, add voice-overs, and auto-generate AI images for a unique twist on existing content. Then, input a URL and sit back as AIMasher converts it into uniquely original content.

  • RSSMasher Feed Rewriter: Integrate with RSSMasher for advanced "content-mashing" and autoblogging opportunities using AIMasher’s template builder.

  • The Content Engine: With the power of pre-made article prompts for various marketing applications; you can now input keywords and generate AI articles in bulk, ready for publishing. This 'Prompt-less' method for automating AI content writing is designed to scale your business, relieving you of the burden of content creation.

  • Auto-Image Generation Credits: 500/mo

Agency License Plan

Everything in the Pro Plan plus:

  • AI Sandbox: Experiment with Pre-Made AI Prompts, contribute to future tool development, and explore AI's potential without needing to be a prompt engineer.

  • Helpful Content Maker: Create posts optimized for Google's Helpful Content Update algorithm, with auto-export options to RSSMasher for spin versions.

  • Listicle Builder: Easily craft Top 10 Lists, How-Tos, Step-by-Step guides, and more, with publishing and auto-export capabilities to RSSMasher. 

  • Auto-Image Generation Credits: 1,000/mo

Before You Go...


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Discover a World of Products - not just the usual top 10. Our smart table presents dozens of options, including images, direct links, ratings, prices, and recent sales data.
Experience Advanced Filtering and Sorting - Choose products that truly match your criteria. Forget about irrelevant content like cheap accessories or unrelated items.
Easily Create Listicles and Roundups - Select products with a simple click, and transfer them directly to your content with our Lisicle Maker.

Exclusive Special for ZimmWriter Customers:

1-Click Copy/Paste - Easily select products and copy formatted links and keywords with one click and paste into Zimmwriter's Product Roundup.
100 Free Searches Every Month - Dive in and explore the potential.
Affordable Credit Refills - For those who are serious about dominating Amazon product reviews.

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Pricing Plans

Affordable pricing plans to match just about any budget. With simplified upgrading buttons when you need more power with this AI Powerhouse.



This is monthly pricing plan

Standard Plan


Charged monthly

Keyword Masher
Niche Ideas & Discovery
Media Mixer & EXIF Creator
Article Importer & Editor
Featured Image Maker 
Voice-Over Generator
Article Publisher
NEW! Content Repurposer
Auto-Image Generation Credits: 200/mo

Package available for a limited time

Pro Plan


Charged monthly

Everything in Standard Plan
Article Re-Inventor
RSS Feed Rewriter
AI Article Templates
Auto Publishing App
Auto-Image Generation 
Credits: 500/mo

Package available for a limited time

Best Value

Agency Plan


Charged monthly

Everything in Pro Plan
AI Prompt Sandbox
Helpful Content Maker
Listicle Generator
Auto-Exporting to RSSMasher 
Auto-Image Generation
Credits: 1000/mo

Package available for a limited time

This is Annual Pricing Plans

Standard Plan


$297 billed each year

Keyword Masher
Niche Ideas & Discovery
Media Mixer & EXIF Creator
Article Importer & Editor
Featured Image Maker 
Voice-Over Generator
Article Publisher
NEW! Content Repurposer
MidJourney Credits: 200/mo

Package available for a limited time

Pro Plan


$397 billed each year

Everything in Standard Plan
Article Re-Inventor
RSS Feed Rewriter
AI Article Templates
Auto Publishing App
MidJourney Credits: 500/mo

Package available for a limited time

Best Value

Agency Plan


$497 billed each year 

Everything in Pro Plan
AI Prompt SandBox
Helpful Content Maker
Listicle Generator 
Auto-Exporting to RSSMasher
MidJourney Credits: 1000/mo

Package available for a limited time

Added Bonuses If You Purchase Today

For a limited time only, you get all these bonuses when you buy the course today

happy man

AI Rewriting Mastery: Transform Your RSS Feeds into SEO Goldmines

Bonus 1

Join us December 19, 2023 for a 3-day Mastermind Course tailored for those just starting out in content marketing, especially if you're working on building a side hustle with automated content marketing. Our course focuses on using AIMasher’s RSS Feed Re-Writing feature, a tool designed to make content creation much simpler and more effective.

In this course, you'll learn the basics of automatically enhancing your articles with attractive images and engaging media. We'll also introduce you to voice-overs that can make your content more appealing. The goal is to show you how to do all this automatically, saving you time and effort. Once you get the hang of it, AIMasher will help send your content to RSSMasher, where it gets fine-tuned for the web, helping your articles stand out and reach more people. 

This is a great way to get your side hustle up and running with smart, efficient content strategies. 🌟

guided workbooks bonus

Inside Track to AI Bulk Article Creation: The VA Workflow Guidebook

Bonus 2

Gain access to our straightforward 'Workflow Guidebook,' which we use daily with our Virtual Assistants (VAs) to produce and publish hundreds of AI-generated articles. This guidebook is a practical tool for anyone looking to enhance their content creation process.

This guidebook is like a step-by-step manual, detailing the processes our team uses from start to finish. It's great for those who are new to using VAs or those wanting to improve their existing workflow. You'll find clear visual steps showing you how to effectively use AIMasher and manage the article publishing process.

It’s a compilation of tried and tested methods that we've developed to maintain high-quality content production at a large scale. By following these guidelines, you can increase your content output efficiently, making it a valuable resource for scaling up your content marketing efforts.

bonus3 - 100 rool-over credits

Coupon Code for 50% off your first purchase of any Auto-Image Generation Automated Image Credits

Bonus 3

With this bonus, you're getting a coupon code emailed to you for a 50% discount on your first purchase of any Roll-Over Auto-Image Credit Packages. These roll-over image credits stay with you. They don't expire, only until you use them. You can use them whenever you need to add to your monthly image generation credits. 

It's like having a reliable visual aid creator that's always available and automated to work in the background. Plus, if you don't use all your roll-over credits in one month, they simply follow you to the next. You won't lose them, ensuring you get the most out of this bonus.

These credits are incredibly versatile. Whether you're working on articles for Zimmwriter, needing in-content images, or designing templates for your RSS Feeds, these Roll-Over credits have you covered. They're easy to use and give you the freedom to create a variety of images that match your content's style and tone.

See what others are saying about us

One of the many features I love about the new keyword masher tool is the "Top 10 List." I put in one keyword, and Bam! It kicked out so many ideas that I couldn't even dream of! A few seconds it took me to put in this prompt would have taken me weeks to use other tools to find all these topics and subjects; this tool just blows me away. It has made it so easy for me to create more content on more topics than I ever thought was possible.

greg adams

Greg Adams

There are many people on my personal shortlist, but Damon absolutely is. He has a long track record of providing quality products that actually do what they say.
He has a secret weapon called "Wayne". When these two guys got together, they went to a very rare level. Wayne is an incredible developer who actually understands marketing. Damon and Wayne are trustworthy and always over-deliver. I never ask what you have just point me to the buy button!

Tim Parker

Tim Parker

Ringvo Founder/CEO

Keyword Masher is a game-changer, giving digital marketers an easy way to build both keyword clusters and Title Prompts that can actually improve the outputs from ZW and AF. What I found most useful are the niche discovery tools. Great feature for quickly learning about a topic before diving head first in making an affiliate site.

guerin green

Guerin Green

"No Rules Mastermind"
in Denver, October 5 & 6

AiMasher is the Swiss Army Knife of AI content creation and posting. From its Keyword Masher to its Niche Ideas to its Article Re-Inventor to its Article Publisher to its Content Engine to its Blog Amplifier to its Ai Sandbox to its Media Mixer to its multiple Integrations, AiMasher offers you an insanely competitive advantage in your niche(s). And if that wasn't enough, it also comes with seriously world-class training, ongoing feature updates, and responsive support.

Don Roberts

Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to the software?

It may take a few minutes for the initial setup. Then you'll receive an email with your account activation link. Once activated, you need to add your OpenAI Key and then you are ready to start.

There are a few feature modules in AIMasher that are not available as of today and will be brought online in December. 

Plus we are constantly adding new prompts for you to play with in the AI Sandbox. Everything from content marketing, SEO, Social Media, Web Design to prompts for the "Fun of It".

Note: if you are a Keyword Masher customer, please use the upgrade button inside the software to get the best deal on upgrading your Keyword masher into AIMasher.

Do you have a Money-Back Guarantee?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Test-drive our product for 14 days. If it doesn't meet your expectations within that period, put in a support ticket in the software dashboard or drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll promptly refund your purchase. No hassles, no fuss! For full refund details, please read our Refund Policy and Cancellation Policy.

Do you have any training on how to use this software?

Absolutely, we go above and beyond on training. We have videos, slides decks, and PDFs on every feature in this App. Want to see the training before you decide? Click Here

What other software will I need?

You will need to add your own OpenAI API key into the integrations. It is really easy to add the API key. Here is how it is done.

We also offer API integrations with ElevenLabs, ScrapeOwl, RSSMasher, WordPress, Masher Sites, Pixabay, Google Search, and others coming soon.

Do you still have that Pre-Launch LTD available?

No, but we still have a great deal on LTD plan. 4 monthly payments of $297 and you never have to pay again.
Click Here to get it.
We may close it at any time after 5/31/24.

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